Turning Heartbreak into Bliss!  
Taking the pain of heartache and lifes challenges and using them to transform yourself into Warrior of love!

Step into your power as a Warrior of Love

   Pain, heartbreak, divorce; there are very few people that are immune to these major life upheavals.  They make even the strongest, most self-assured person feel weak and vulnerable.  In these times, it feels like there is little we can do to change these circumstances.  The pain can be so overwhelming!  Is there anything that can be done?  

  Yes, there is!  

We can learn to be warriors of love!

What does that mean?  It means that we can stand up to the pain.  We can can look it in the eye and understand its lessons for us:  Why it has shown up in this way, what it means for us in our life's path, and who we were being when we were in this situation.  When we understand these things, we have choice to decide who you want to be going to into the future.  We can take back our power and stand in the Truth of who truly are, no longer victims to life or its circumstances - Jason Wechs, L.Ac. & Founder of Mystic Healing Paths

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