Music is powerful!  It strikes a chord, something deep within us somewhere the very cells of our being hear and vibrate at a similar rate as us.  Whether that sound is happy, sad, angry or excited, we feel things and it changes or enhances whatever feeling we were previously feeling.  We are almost incapable of not being shifted by musics feelings, its messages and its gifts.  Music adds indefinitely to our lives in ways we can't ever be fully conscious of.  This very truth drives me to create music that is capable of connecting to deep places within you, feeling the darkest areas of your soul, blessing the lightest aspects of your being, taking you on a journey into your very being.  Moving through the Chakras or our fundamental energy blocks of growth, this album will take you through a journey of your soul.  From the depths of your existence to your highest expression of love.  The Sacred Journey is all about realizing the light in all aspects of ourselves.  We are not on ladder climbing upwards, but always an expression of all parts of ourselves.  Relearning and rediscovering that all parts of us are divine.