Jason Wechs is a gifted healer and acupuncturist.  His intuition is spot on and the compassion he has for the people he works with is authentic and heart centered.  I have worked with him for three years and he never ceases to amaze me with the depth of his knowledge and his ability to combine all of his expertise in profound and meaningful healing.  I have been inspired by his commitment to continuing to learn more about himself and ways he can better serve the people he works with.  ~BP, 58/F Bloomfield Hills, MI

When I first saw Jason for treatment in 2011, I was suffering from severe migraines.  I had a constant low grade headache for over 30 years that no amount of medication would help.  After one treatment, that headache was gone and has not returned.  I had never tried acupuncture before and was amazed by the results.  Even my migraines have reduced in both frequency and severity. 

 In 2012, I suffered a mild stroke. When I got out of physical rehabilitation, I was using a cane to walk with and had residual balance and coordination issues, along with a dragging right leg.  After two acupuncture treatments from Jason, I no longer needed the cane (to walk).  We continued weekly treatments for a few more months and my condition improved remarkably. 

 I still have a tough road ahead of me, but I don’t think that I would be as well off as I am without Jason’s help.  I can’t say enough about his abilities.  He is truly a gifted healer.

Sincerely, Kevin Duckett 58/M Tucson, Az

I have been blessed to be a patient of Jason's.  He is truly a healer and caregiver.  He has a very calming presence and is very intuitive.  I have received acupuncture and Theta work from him and both have had immediate and profound impacts on my health.  I look forward to our sessions every week.  KM 32/F Tucson, Az

Jason is an intuitive healer of the highest level with the gentle persistence necessary to heal stubborn and long standing ailments.  He is a compassionate and gentle guide, encouraging his clients to continually  explore deeper the issues and emotions that arise as he energetically addresses the problems set forth.  As an Acupuncturist, his knowledge of Oriental Medicine organ networks and dietary recommendations add a deeper dimension to his ThetaHealing capacities.  Jason's deep conern for clients, as well as through understanding of the healing process keeps him following up and -as necessary- addressing ailment "remnants" that may surface as time passes  

When I first approached Jason for care I thought that I was seeking Theta healing for my 20 years chronic constipation - I did not realize that after just 3 sessions not only would my constipation be relieved but my life would become profoundly "unblocked" as well!   

For years I had floundered.  The more I searched for direction and purpose in my life, the more I simply felt stuck exactly where I was. Though occasionally I wondered if my chronic constipation might be related to my seeming lack of direction, I could never have anticipated the crystal clear focus and vision for my future that would come with unlocking my intestines.   I am pleased to say that I am not only free from constipation, but I am also charting a bold and bright course into the future with a career leap into teacher licensure.

Thank you, Jason, for your extraordinary care!  JW 38/F Austin,TX

Every session I've had with Jason has brought forth immense personal revelations and growth. I've seen improvement in every l area of my life; a greater sense of stability and grounding, clarity on my life's purpose and achieved a level of forgiveness that I never thought I could. The benefits I've gotten from Jason's Theta treatments are beyond priceless.     JB 38/F Tucson Az

I've been on the path for a few decades, and I've done some good work with different modalities, all of which, were beneficial.  Though, with ThetaHealing, I've experienced instantaneous clearing and healing, like nothing I've seen before. It is absolutely wonderful. My healing is centered around emotional trauma and distress, with this work, I've cleared what seems like lifetimes of limiting beliefs. 
Jason is an excellent facilitator of this work. His insight has gotten to the core of many of my issues, some that were so deep, I couldn't see them. As I was clearing deep seated issues, he was always concerned about my progress and took time to make sure I was okay. His acute sense adds a deeper dimension and power to this work which gives greater impact to the healing. He's awesome!   JZ 43/F Houstin, Tx