Thoughts from the Path    -by jason wechs

Out With the old!

  The winter solstice is almost upon us, which to most of is the harbinger of a long cold winter, but to the ancients this was the time when light started growing in the year. This gives us a moment to have some thought into our lives.  What do we want to bring into our lives this year?  What light would we like to see grow this year.  Our “New Years resolution” if you will.

  For me, this is a time of making decisive declarations. For most of my life, I have thought that I needed to always be flexible to survive and gave up or even sacrificed important things when it seemed like I had to. However, this has not led me to the life that I have wanted.  I end up feeling flimsy and too easily swayed from one thing to the other.  As you can imagine, it makes it harder to focus and stay disciplined to finish things, projects, and feel satisfied.

  However, I have learned an important distinction:  The way of the reed.  The reed blows to and fro with the wind, but always rights itself and maintains its integrity. Sharp and steady, but flexible and durable.  That is the secret to life.  When we make declarations and get clear on what we want, that is what we will manifest into our lives.  Yes, there will still be storms that blow through our lives, but when we have the solidarity of standing on a strong foundation with integrity, we can more easily weather the storm.  Simply, when you know what you want and what you don’t want, why would you choose the latter?  If you were to write a story with you as the main character, would you write in stuff you don’t want to have in your life?

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   Heart Chakra Opening Through esoteric acupuncture

  As we approach Valentine’s Day, the world is now turning to a new age:  The age of the Heart.  Everything is moving us faster into this age where Love is king.  The Universe is based in Love and we are all a creation of this Love.  By opening our Hearts, we open to something bigger than ourselves, something that expands our holistic beings, and opens our connection to others as we are all one.

  Opening the Heart will help to bring deep relaxation to you, allowing your parasympathetic system to engage and let your system alkalize and repair the damage caused by excessive cortisol and free radicals.  This will reduce pain and inflammation so you may enjoy life, sleep better, improve digestion, lower blood pressure, and prevent serious illness like heart disease and cancer.

 Esoteric Acupuncture is very powerful by itself, designed to help our beings come into harmony with the Universe and open us to the higher vibrational energies.  When more than one treatment happens at the same time, the results are synergistic and amplified.  Please join us in this celebration of opening and receiving of the immense Love energy that is becoming available to us all now.