Sometimes we all need a friend that is there for us, someone we can call on when things are rough or getting out of our control.  Lets face, its hard to get through life on your own.  Its hard to face your challenges without having a solid voice there, someone that is able to hear you and give you actual help as well as advice.  Imagine what would happen if not only could that friend hear you, but be able to give you healings on your issues too! With that said, we are now offering:

Monthly packages!

One month consists of 4 hours of services, no matter if you want ThetaHealing, Acupuncture, Reiki or a private Qi Gong session.  You choose!  Mix and match to what fits for you!  And you save A Lot of money! $250

Two months consists of 8 hours of services, plus get a membership to Qi Gong classes.  Take as many as you like a month! $450

Three months will be 12 hours, Qi gong membership, plus one private Qi Gong lesson! $600

Six months consists of 24 hours of services, a Qi Gong membership, three private Qi gong lessons, and one Qi gong workshop.  $1111

One Year consists of 48 hours of services, a Qi gong membership, six private Qi Gong lessons, and two Qi gong workshops! $2222